Meet Sara


Hi, I’m Sara! I am a mother and a wife. And I love babies and I always have. So finding a job where I could be surrounded by babies was a no brainer! I came from a home where talking about labor, delivery, or breastfeeding, and everything in between is common dinner conversation. I even attended the birth of my youngest brother, when I was 16. We were the women that people called when there were questions about pregnancy, labor, or breastfeeding. That’s still true.

While I have always had an affinity towards children, and babies especially, when I became a mother myself, it transformed. It became more focused, and more bent towards mother-baby bonding. Which in turn led me to the very beginning. The birth. I used a doula for the births of all three of my children, and after hearing many, many stories of women who did not have a support system during their labors, left me feeling like I had to do something. So I did! I immediately signed up to do doula training. Shortly after becoming a birth doula I discovered that (of course!) I also loved continuing to support families in their post partum time. And there birthed the post partum doula!
For me, doula care is a lot like mothering. As doula, I serve as something akin to a mother who has paved the way and is there to lead you down the path, no matter what path it may be. I am support in any scenario. I can help to take all the other guess work and busy-work out of the equation. I can offer water when needed, a bathroom break for partners, explanations when things arise, a reminder to relax, and in general, a sense of calm. When mama is focused on the only thing she really can be, having and caring for her baby, I will be focused on her and making sure that everyone is well supported.
With every year I continue to support families as a doula, the more I realize that I have been doula-ing birthing friends and family for a great majority of my life! And love it more and more with every birth, and every transitioning family supported, even every conversation about birth!

Let me know how I can support you and your growing family!


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