Birth Plan Demonstration

Labor of Wonder’s Birth Plan Demonstration:

Keep it short, simple, and to the point. And acknowledge the staff’s part in your birth! Remember that they are an invaluable part of the birth team that you picked when you chose your provider and hospital!

  1. Labor
  • I want to move around as freely as possible
  • I’d prefer a heploc if necessary so that I can maintain movement
  • I’d like access to a birth ball and/or peanut ball and shower/tub.
  • I would like to not be asked for pain management. I will be sure to ask you if I need it. If I have an epidural I’d like to rest with a peanut ball. If possible I’d like it to have worn off by pushing so that I can be able to move during that phase.
  1. Delivery
  • I’d like to push in whatever position I feel comfortable in
  • I will ask you if I’m needing direction in my pushing, otherwise I’d like it to be mother-directed pushing
  • If a cesarean becomes necessary, I would like my doula to join me as they put in the epidural and prep, with my husband to follow once prepped.
  • Baby & After Care
  • I would like the baby immediately on my chest
  • I would like to delay weight and measurements until after the first hour or so has passed to have adequate time to bond and breastfeed

I understand that birth is unpredictable and healthy baby is top priority. As long as everyone is, and stays, healthy, the above are my top wishes and I so appreciate your help in helping me to attain my goals and creating these memories with me.



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