When my wife first mentioned a doula, I though it was just one of her weird things, so I ignored it. Yet when she found out Sara was becoming a doula, she talked me in to it. To be honest, I thought Sara would come in and take my place at the birth of our son. For the longest time I resented this whole doula idea. Yet Sara turned out to be great. When my wife went into preterm labor; Sara was there. When my wife thought she was really going into labor, Sara was not only there but walked around the block with her at midnight. The day before Lyam (our son) was born… Sara walked up and down the hill in front of her house with my wife all day. No complaints. The night my wife went into labor Sara didn’t take my place at the birthing center; she helped me  She just quietly helped me to help my wife. It was as she was there but wasn’t, but was a silent presence. She encouraged me to catch our son, when I had doubts. To this day I am proud to say I was the first to touch my son as he entered this world. I am happy my wife introduced one of her crazy ideas. I would recommend Sara to every mom and father to be. -Chad Kostrzewsk
Sara was my doula in August 2012. She was truly an inspiration for me in taking charge of my own natural childbirth. Sara proved to be a very objective person who did not judge any of the choices I made. The choice to have a vaginal, natural childbirth was truly a challenge since my first child’s birth was by cesarean. Sara was incredibly supportive throughout labor, birth and delivery. Sara availed herself to phone calls and closely monitored my pregnancy with frequent meetings. When I went into labor, Sara was vigilant during the entire process. I specifically appreciated her knowledge and emotional support during labor and delivery and relied on this knowledge to help me make informed decisions. When we arrived at the hospital, Sara helped me communicate my birthing plan effectively to the clinical care providers and brought a sense of calm to the entire process that I did not experience during my first birthing experience. My mother was my birthing partner, and Sara did not interfere with any of the natural interactions between us. Instead, Sara would offer suggestions to my mother about what else might be helpful and supportive as labor intensified. Sara was intuitive throughout the process and her instincts were invaluable. She would gently offer comments/suggestions in a truly supportive manner. Sara has the skill­sets that made her a highly effective doula and I was grateful that I had chosen Sara! Doula’s and birthing mothers need to establish a level of trust with one another prior to the birth and delivery of a child. It is, after all, an intimate relationship. After working with Sara for several months, I am happy to say that Sara and I had built a positive working relationship! I trusted that Sara would provide me with any necessary information and that she would fully support my birthing decisions. I also trusted that she would effectively communicate that plan to others. Sara trusted that I would communicate my needs to her and that I would share my experiences openly so she would know how best to support me. Sara empowered me to have the experience I desired. While I could not foresee the events that caused a cesarean birth for my first child, I was able to take control of the birthing experience I had for my second child. With the patience and support of a highly effective doula like Sara, I am glad I have those memories too! -Megan Scott VBAC
I honestly could not have done the birth of my twins without you. The many ‘false alarms’ before the real labor, you never complained and I appreciate that. When it was really labor you came and sat with me while waiting for the husband to get the kids to a sitter. And even ended up having to drive me to the hospital when you could see that I was transitioning and my husband wasn’t back yet. I didn’t think I was anywhere near as far along as I was, but you knew! You kept me calm, and I do not remember ever feeling that sort of calm. You tried so hard to make sure the calm when on to the hospital room, even though things happened so fast and furious after we got there. You did the best thing by capturing the pictures of my husband and I during the whole thing, and you got the best pictures I could ask for of my twincesses [twin girls]. Along with allowing someone to stay with me and still have someone with the girls. Reliving the chaotic, crazy night I have to say Thank you! again. I think that every time I relive it I will want to say thank you! -Susan Smith
Having Sara as a doula was amazing.  I wouldn’t have had the experience I did without her help.  My first birth experience did not go as I had hoped it would.  I had a beautiful birth plan written, well thought-out and agreed upon between my husband and me.  We went into the event well prepared and excited.  We refer to the event now as a failed induction…after 36 hours of labor that ended in a c-birth.  One thing after another was crossed off the birth plan until there was nothing left, except a beautiful baby girl.  She is a jewel, a shining gem to everyone in her life! After trying to conceive for three years, we were finally pregnant with baby #2.  Despite the less than ideal outcome of the first birth experience, I wanted to try the same birth plan that we had made for baby #1.  I didn’t realize how much opposition this idea would face!  VBACs seemed unthinkable to so many!!! And the idea of a VBAC water Birth??? Say What? Without Sara’s guidance and expertise I would have never found a hospital that would even let me try what I had in mind.  Thanks to Sara’s help, we located a midwife who was like-minded and accepted us as a patient, though we had to go to a different state to make this even a possibility.  Thanks to Sara’s support I am so thankful that birth #2 went exactly as I had imagined it could be! No drugs, a calm atmosphere, and a healthy baby boy born in a peaceful tub of water welcomed by his mama’s loving arms were an answer to so many prayers.  With my husband, best friend, and a competent, loving doula by my side I was able to labor and birth with confidence, knowing my wishes would be voiced by my support team when I was not able to speak for myself (or even open my eyes at times).  My husband was supported as well by a trained doula who knew our wishes and could interpret what the nurses were really saying during this stressful time for a father.  Having Sara as our doula was so beneficial, I only wish she could have been there to assist us with baby #1… And did I mention how wonderful water birth is??? -Angela Bray VBAC
Sara came to be my doula late in my pregnancy, after a friend decided she no longer wanted to be my doula at 30 weeks! Sara was there for me every step of the way! She even knew I was going to go into labor before I did! ( I go very fast) I was only in labor just over a hour and she still was able to make it, just in time! She was able to remind me of what I needed to do and was very calm! She encouraged me to speak my mind and remind them of our skin to skin needs. She then followed up with me, while in the hospital and through us talking we decided it would be more beneficial to do a post part visit at home, when we had less visitors… We had established good nursing right after birth! She was very clear to let me know that if I felt I needed her before then or if I had any issues that I felt I needed her she would be there… I had a very easy birth and nursing was going well. We were in contact the whole time I was in the hospital and even after! She Is amazing! She was a great birth photographer as well! -Danica Nelson

 “Doulas are great! If you have questions they have answers. One of the great things in my opinion is having a Doula there to help your wife with focusing on the labor when you (dads) aren’t focused on it and just soaking in the moment. But the single greatest thing is our Doula and Doctor highly recommended that I (dad) catch or deliver the baby. That is one experience that I would never trade for anything. It is a great feeling having your child take their first breath while in your hands. If it weren’t for our Doula I would have never experienced that.” -Kyle

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