Services And Fees

*An interview always comes at no cost to you.

Full Birth Doula Package: $1,200 for 2 prenatal appointments to go over your (and your partner’s) questions, concerns, birth plan, what you can expect from me during labor, ways I can help you/your partner during labor, etc. Once labor starts I will be 100% available to you by phone, text, or email, as well as in person to give you ways of coping and continuing labor. As your labor progresses, I meet you at a location of your choice, be it home or hospital, and be there with you until you give birth. I will use many different methods to help ease pain, and provide both emotional and physical comfort for both mom and her partner. I stay with your new family unit for 1-2 hrs after delivery to help you settle in and help you establish breastfeeding as necessary. I also provide 1-2 postpartum visits. I also am willing to take photos immediately post birth. As long as delivery allows. You are always my first priority. As soon as I am hired, no matter when in your pregnancy you hire me, you will be able to reach me on my phone or via email. I always respond as soon as I can, but have a 24 hr return policy. After 38 weeks I am “on call” and will respond to texts, phone calls, and emails within 15 minutes.

Placenta Encapsulation: $200 for clients $250 for non-clients

Postpartum Doula Care: $38/hr Includes: light housecleaning, older sibling care, meal preparation and/or freezing, errand running, grocery shopping, baby holding, breastfeeding support, question answering and more! Basically however you need to be supported in those post-partum days, can be done! We will have an appointment prenatally to discuss post partum plans. **Postpartum Packages available for birth clients

Cloth Diapering 1-2-3: $75 for non-clients $50 for clients. Includes: Introducing you to the various types of cloth diapering, show you how to fit cloth diapers, walk you through and establish a wash routine, cloth diaper prep, question answering and more!

Childbirth Education

$200 Birth For You Class where we meet at a location of your choice (typically your own home), at a time of your choice, totaling 2 hours in all. The class will cover the basics and can be tailored to you.. Ask all the questions you want.
$250 for a 2.5 hour Refresher Course, Grandparents Class, or Siblings Class. At location and time of your choice.
$300 for the All-In-One where we meet at a location of your choice (typically your own home) at a time of your own accord, totaling 3-4 hours in all.
$500 for the All About Birth class which is done at a location of your choosing (typically your own home) and at 3 times of your choosing, totally 6 hours in all.

Clients will also have access to my (lending) library of books, DVDs, and CDs! (for a full list of titles, see here) If there’s a title you’re interested in (or one you think I should have in my library), let me know as I am always adding to it!


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