Doula Services Amidst Covid-19

I know that right now feels like extreme chaos. Right now is chaos. With the ever changing hospital regulations, it is with a heavy heart that I also adjust my business practice(s).

If you are pregnant and still want the benefits of a doula, but are worrying about hospital policies (that have literally gone back and forth, changing every day) and/or exposure, I am working vigilantly on moving to a much more virtual way of providing services. In order to keep privacy standards up, all virtual appointments and services will be done via Zoom.

While nothing compares to another set of hands when you’re in labor, and especially while you are newly postpartum, I am continuing to come up with the best plan of action for services as can be devised during times such as these. So be aware that as things change in our world, so may the words on this page. What won’t change is the fact that we’re in this together, and I am still here, continuing to offer my support it any way I can.

We all need someone in our lives who, when things are dark says “I’ll keep you company.” … -@notesfromyourtherapist Allyson Dinneen

Virtual Birth Doula Services 4 Prenatal Appointments to help you plan and prepare for your birth. We will go over your (and your partner’s) questions, concerns, birth plan, ways to help you cope during labor, etc. I will teach you various methods to help give physical comfort and provide emotional comfort and support. Once labor starts I will be 100% available to you by phone, text, email, as well as as-close-to-in-person as I can be, via Zoom, to give you ways of coping and continuing labor. I will stay available for your needs after delivery to help you settle in and help you establish breastfeeding/feeding as necessary. This will be followed by 2-3 postpartum visits where we go over any and all of your postpartum needs.

Virtual PostPartum Services Sometimes you just need someone (in a professional capacity) to tell you that you’re doing a good job and your baby is normal. Someone who can say, “Here’s a great tip for a better latch/night’s sleep/recovery!” We can still do this! You can schedule daily video chats and e-mails to go over feeding, mental health, and planning. You will have text, email, and/or phone/virtual support to answer any question you have along the way and during your day-to-day activities. Also includes 2 prenatal appointments to help you do some ahead-of-time planning!

Virtual Sleep Consults A virtual prenatal appointment to get you set up with a plan for good, healthy, normal sleep habits for your newborn. And 4 follow up virtual appointments to help your family’s sleep stay on track the first year of your baby’s life!

Virtual Childbirth Education All of my classes are still available, only now in virtual!

If you just need to ask a few questions or a place to vent about how hard your pregnancy is, the state the world will be in during your birth/postpartum, lactation questions, and even sleep advice. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or send me an email at DM me! Message me! Text me! I’m here for it!  Make sure you include your name, how far along you are, or how old your baby is so that I can give you my best answers as quickly as possible! 


Inspire Your (Laboring) Self

Hey, hey! It’s Day Two of World Doula Week! Here is day two’s blog post!


Labor is work. For some it’s brief, furious work. For others it’s slow, continuous work. For some it’s a calm work. For other’s it’s intense, and intentional work. You see what I’m saying, right? It can be glorious, it can be slow, it can be fast… but it’s still work. Even if you’re one of the crazy few who blink and then have their baby. Chances are, your body was doing work without you even knowing it.

One thing that more and more women are choosing to do to motivate themselves, be it in their career, relationships, or yes, even birthing, is to make inspiration boards. My office is full of them! Pictures of past clients over the years (I love getting updates!), words that are meaningful to me, or events that were game changers in my life. More and more I’m seeing women transpose this office idea into the labor room. Weather it be printed flash cards of words that make them feel most empowered, relaxed, and comforted, or a literal board with words written on it!


I’ll admit, I had this chalkboard on hand and just quickly drew spots to write encouraging words on. But it got the job done! So pick up a small chalkboard (or make one!) and write yours. Or print out your favorites and put them all together. I’ve even had clients laminate theirs so they could take them into the shower with them! Some even fill theirs with pictures instead of words! Whatever speaks to you, whatever encourages you to do whatever you need to do!

I have an exclusive Pinterest board devoted to this idea entirely: Labor Inspiration Board


Why Do You Want a Post Partum Doula?

  • The most obvious reason is that you DESERVE one, and will likely need one! Who doesn’t need some extra support while venturing out on a new journey?!
  • Speaking of extra support, having a post partum doula at your side enables you to find your own groove, your own way, at your own time. It’s all about supporting you so that you can smoothly transition.
  • And you don’t have to worry about being judged about your choices or the things you still need to learn! As your doula, I am happy to discuss various parenting philosophies and options with you! There are so many options and opinions when it comes to parenting; I am just here to give you any information you’re wanting and support you and your family in all of the decisions that YOU make.
  • Early breastfeeding can definitely have a learning curve! Having an experienced doula supporting you during those still-getting-the-hang-of-it feedings can be extremely helpful.
  • Who is going to nurture YOU while you’re busy nurturing your new baby, along with any other siblings?! I will give you reminders to eat, and to keep yourself hydrated as they are often forgotten when all your attention is going to your new baby. Taking care of you as your body recovers after delivery (no matter the form of delivery!) is so important to your recovery!
  • If you’ve had babies previously, you know that information changes and products change even in short time spans! What was great for your first baby may not be recommended by the time baby #3 comes around! And it’s so hard to stay on top of it all! It is my job to be an expert on everything baby and to have the most up to date information!
  • Sometimes it’s hard to just focus on the importance of bonding during those first weeks/months. And not just between mommy and baby, but also daddy and baby, and the whole family unit together! There’s laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, post office runs, kitchen clean up, dusting, playground time with the siblings, etc. The list goes on and on! Let me help. I can help you. I can run those errands. I can make those meals. I can take siblings to the park or the backyard. I can clean up after the day. I can clean & fold laundry. All while keeping you company, should you like.
  • I can also hold your baby while you have a moment to eat, to shower, to SLEEP, to have a few moments with older siblings. And you can relax knowing that you are in the hands of a trained professional. So that you can truly have a moment (or a couple hours!) to let yourself rejuvenate and recover.
  • I have been trained to recognize the array of signs and symptoms of post partum depression. There is a wide array of what is normal, what’s edging into the depression pool, and sometimes it’s hard to see where you’re standing until you’re on the other side of it. I can help to advise you on what’s generally considered a “normal” part of recovery after birth and when you might need some help.

I love this work and the families I work with. Let me help you as your family transitions, be it from a first baby to the 5th! 


Welcome to Labors of Wonder! Before becoming a doula, I was a blogger at Labor of Wonder (I still blog, just not as regularly!) along with a stay at home mama. After becoming a doula and trying to create a website name… I kept coming back to the one I already had. Much like my belief in intentional living and that life is always a labor of love but sometimes it’s also a labor of wonder… real labors (the kind that bring babies into the world) are also labors of wonder. It is a wonderful thing to witness the birth of a brand new person!

Babies are a wonderful way to make people!

And thus it was born, labors of wonder. I’m looking forward to helping many mamas along their labors; labors of love and wonder!